The idea behind this Personally Procured Move Calculator website was captured in a very simple way. When me and my spouse first got to know the possibility of doing a PPM-DITY move for our PCS, the dilemma began. How much profit would we make? Would it be gross or net? Would it be worth all the hassle of self-organizing our PCS move? What if something went wrong? What about all this paperwork?

If not all, most of these questions could be answered by giving the JTR a thorough read. The problem is that the JTR (Joint Travel Regulations) is very complicated, written in a difficult language, and, most of the times, hard to read. This conclusion is a result of hundreds of hours of reading the JTR document, and tenths of questions received by fellow military friends.

This is where our Personally Procured Move Calculator comes into play. With this tool, you receive an accurate estimation of your allowances and entitlements for doing a PPM-DITY move.

This calculator includes all the respective rules and conditions of the JTR. It combines them together in order to give you an accurate result. This result is a very close estimate of what you are searching for – the allowances you would have for your next PCS move. It doesn’t matter if you are serving in the army, in the navy or you are an airman, the dity move rates remain the same for all.

Please also note that this website is not endorsed by the military or the government. It is a third-party calculator, and although we always try to keep it up-to-date, it may result in errors. Please use this website as a rough guideline and nothing more. It is advised to always talk to your respective TMO office about any moving matters.